Artist Bio

Sherry Becker

Sherry Becker

“From the time I was a small child, I have always known I wanted to be an artist.  Art has always been my strongest interest.  Because I showed ability at a young age, my parents encouraged me by enrolling me in classes and by talking professional artists into mentoring me.  In High School I took advanced courses and this culminated in my taking classes at The Cincinnati Art Academy. After graduation I attended Ohio University where I received a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a major in Education.  After teaching in the public schools to put my husband through Law School, I was finally able to become a full time professional freelance artist.

Throughout the years I narrowed my interests from drawing, to oil painting, then to painting with acrylics and finally settling on watercolor as my favorite medium.  Watercolor offers brilliant color that occurs when the white paper shines through the transparent medium and offers unique sensations as the way one color changes as it overlaps another.  No one can ever really master watercolor because it has a mind of it’s own as colors bleed into each other.  It is this mystery that makes it both interesting and challenging.

Over years I have narrowed my subject matter to landscapes.  Currently I paint commission works of people’s homes, their favorite vacation scenes and other places dear to my clients.  I especially enjoy doing commissions because it is fun to get clients involved in the creative process.  For instance, I can put into a House Portrait a tree or landscaping that no longer exists or has been changed.

For my own enjoyment, I paint scenes of Bald Head Island, NC where we have a vacation home.  I enjoy participating in shows put on by The Smith Island Art League, an active art group on Bald Head Island; I am currently President of the organization.”